Who are they?

OMAZ band started seriously as a band in early 1997, although many times before there were mini concerts where the band members got together and performed. Original members were Levi Simon (keyboard and vocals), Rudolph Simon (bass guitar and vocals), Jerome Simon (lead guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals), Brian Brunet (drums and vocals), Vicky Simon (lead and backing vocals) and Dorian Delia (lead and backing vocals).

Their versatility was often sollicited and the musicians would often swap musical instruments depending on their performance. The Omaz repertoire varies from Chagossian Sega, Mauritian Sega strongly influenced by Caribbean and European music.


Performed at
  • MOAF2009

  • MOAF2010

  • MOAF2011

  • MOAF2012

  • MOAF2013

  • MOAF2014

“Family brings the best our in our music”

In 2003, a few members of the band moved to the UK and to keep the flame burning, these musicians did what they do best; adapt to the new demands by swapping instruments. Ricky Goolab was added as their new brother on the lead guitar, Christophe Marie on rhythm guitar, Adam Assen joined Omaz on the keyboard too, whilst Debora and Annabelle Simon joined the band as backing vocals. Omaz have played live performances in the UK with a plethora of artists such as Blakkayo, Master Kool B, Alain Ramanisum, Mighty Jah, Claudio Veeraragoo, Zul Ramiah, Tian Corentin and many more; living proof that this flame incensed by original Mauritian music is no way about to fade away.

There’s no doubt that this band will continue to evolve. Their performances go beyond the UK boundaries to many countries as well. We look forward to seeing them on the main stage at MOAF 2015!

Favourite tracks to perform

Reve Nou Ancette - Cassiya
Pot Pouri - Cassiya
Tousse Salli - Mr Love

MOAF testimonials

  • Dont know why I didnt have a stall earlier!… wicked event…met loads of people lots of banta overall an amazing day…. bring on 2015… hennaGOLD will be bigger and better!

    Nazrana Safurhally
  • Been going two years in a row as a family. Brilliant.

    Emine Karadağ
  • >>>>I felt so happy to be part of mauritian open air festival 2014…we came all the way from Australia to see Alain sing… Ma fav… Very lucky to be able meet Alain and talk to him… Met difé la dan a nu ale…❤️❤️

    Ash Bannewari
  • Was great have a smashing time with the family and friends from Romania

    Rajen Venkatachellum
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