Due to the current security climate, the following are now part of the conditions of entry to the Mauritius Open Air Festival in Trent Park.

Everyone entering the Mauritius Open Air Festival set will be subjected to a search. This would include pat-downs and metal detector checks. Some guests may be asked to for an enhanced search,  if you refuse a search, you will not be able to enter the Festival.

No liquids, gels or lotions are permitted into the event. This includes perfumes and similar liquids. Gel products including hand sanitisers. No liquids means exactly that and security will strictly adhere to this.

Sun cream or lotion sized at 200ml or less in original containers, Vape fluid and eye drops in standard plastic 10ml containers will be allowed but contents will be tested on arrival.

Please note that any gels or liquids that do not comply will be disposed of by security staff.

You are allowed to bring prescribed medication on site when accompanied by a doctor’s note or valid medical certificate.

As ever; if you see or hear anything which gives you a security concern, please speak to the nearest member of security staff.

Your cooperation with this is appreciated and it is to ensure that everyone attending Mauritius Open Air Festival has a safe and enjoyable day.

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